Managing anxiety in the darker months

As we progress towards the new year, we are also experiencing a shift in our minds and behavior patterns due to the cold temperatures and dark weather. With decreasing sun exposure, we often begin to experience some gloomier days and duller moments making it even more difficult for those already dealing with anxiety and similar mental health disorders. 

Here is an attempt to help you better manage your situation and let yourself emerge from the adversities without exceeding the financial limits during the holiday season.

This holiday season…choose your calm

Holidays are, for most of you, a time for rejoicing with family, friends and all loved ones. You take extra effort to contemplate the whole gifting ceremony choosing carefully what’s best for whom.

Ever thought so keenly for yourself and your mind? How about gifting yourself a little calm and peace of mind? Treat yourself by initiating therapy or treat yourself to a day of rest and leisure because the idea here is to show yourself some love this season with our insurance-covered psychotherapy. A perfect and thoughtful gift without straining your budget.

Release the resistance

Calming your anxiety begins with a tiny act of accepting that it exists. The more you resist it, the stronger it gets. If you constantly struggle with the physical and emotional discomfort of  the symptoms of anxiety, making it hard to manage, you might take professional help. 

When you find a place of acceptance and compassion, you naturally lean into good self-care, such as psychotherapy,  and that’s most needed when you have a lot on your plate.

Therapy aligned with budget constraints

Since it is the holiday season, many of you might plan to spend the beautiful days at some exotic destinations where you not only come closer to your family but also free yourself from other mundane responsibilities. However, planning and implementation of vacations can feel heavy on your budget and amidst all this, you’re not likely to relieve yourself with a session of virtual therapy. 

But what if we told you can make payments based on your income and expenses at a given point? Yes, we also offer sliding-scale psychotherapy to show that we care! 

It’s important to us that you don’t neglect your mental health in the uproar of holidays and getaways; but rather take some quality time out for a healing therapy session without breaking the bank.

Protect yourself from taking on too much

Anxiety triggers all the more when you’re overwhelmed, and sometimes vice versa. Hence, try to keep yourself unbothered for as long as you can. Engage in activities that help you unwind from the stress of regular life. Practice meditation, speak to people who listen to understand, and stay in a safe-feeling environment to connect with your inner self better. 

If you’re inadvertently stuck in a strange, uncomfortable setting and feel like there’s no one to talk to or relate to, don’t waste a moment thinking you are alone because you’re not! Our virtual psychotherapy is easily accessible for those seeking support in a wretched situation. Reach out for a free 15-minutes consultation, to decide if we are a good fit for you.